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History of IACE

The Illinois Association of Code Enforcement (IACE) was established March 17, 1993 to address the needs of Property Maintenance, Housing, and Code Enforcement Inpsectors all across the State of Illinois.  By December of 1993, the IACE membership totaled 93.  In May 1998, IACE became Chapter #76 of BOCA.  This was a significant milestone because it established IACE as an accredited education provider, which allowed IACE to issue continuing education credits to members holding BOCA certifications.  In 2002, IACE was chosen to host the 2002 American Association of Code Enforcement (AACE) Annual Conference.  In February 2003, BOCA joined forces with the International Code Council and IACE pushed forward as a Chapter of the International Code Council (ICC). 

Today, IACE remains an active and growing Chapter of the International Code Council (ICC).  IACE continues to sponsor four quarterly business and training sessions annually.  In the year 2013, IACE celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the organization with a Gubernatorial Proclamation from Illnois State Governor, Pat Quinn, recognizing April 2013 as Code Enforcement Officer Appreciation month in the State of Illinois.  This marked the first time that Code Enforcement Officers in the State of Illinois were recognized on a State Level.  This set a platform for many Code Enforcement Officers to be recognized by their communities on a local level.  Also, IACE used the recognition as a platform to launch the "Importance of Code Enforcement" campaign statewide.

Board Members

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Past Presidents

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